Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Macarons | Chantal Guillon

I absolutely love macarons and even though they have been around for so long.  Many of us has jumped into the hype about these french delicacies.  
What are Macarons?
They are simply a sweet meringue based confectionery that is filled with soft jelly/jam, sandwich together with two cookies that looks almost like a surface of an egg shell.
They come in all types of variety of flavors, some of which are very unique and you wouldn't normally consider it being an ingredient that is worth putting into a sweet macaron, but it works.
Well, I'm always on a hunt to find places that serve macrons and see what their macrons differ from other places that do serve macrons.  Today, my best friend Donna and I had a little outing in San Francisco and she suggested to go try this place called Chantal Guillon that serves macrons.  The reviews on Yelp really helped determine that we needed to visit and give them a try.  Plus the pictures people taken of the store and the cute boxes they come in was enough to have us go.
They place was small, but quite cute with light pastel colors.  The first thing you see are the macarons sitting on a tray all lined up and stacked.  I can recount about 14 different flavors to chose from.
I picked the box of 6 that cost $10.80 which come out about $1.80 each.
The flavors I chose were; Persian Rose, Red Velvet, Lavender Poppy, Green Tea, Italian Pistachio, Valentino Raspberry-Lychee.

I enjoyed them, they had a good consistency and really sweet.  You must try the unique flavors like the Persian Rose or Lavender Poppy.  They don't smell like what they are called, but they are sweet.  I must admit that I will come back to this place again, just for macrons.  It's a nice little treat every now and then.
They are definitely worth the hype about them, they're just that good.  :)


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