Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review | MAC Turquatic

Let me tell you... this could be one of my most favorite perfumes EVER in the summer !
Its one of those scents were if you never smelled it before, its just going to pull you in and you will want to get it for yourself.
I had a friend who always wore this perfume and I when I smelled it on her I instantly loved it, but never given a thought to ask her what she was wearing, but during summer we were hanging out and we were in her car and I asked her out of nowhere "what perfume are you wearing?" and she laughed at me for my over exaggerated tone, then replied,  "Turquatic." I asked her where did she get it and she said from MAC and surprisingly enough she had the bottle of it in her purse and she let me have a spritz of it.  That whole day after applying that perfume, I can still smell it on me and at times I would get a whiff of it and I couldn't resist, but buying it for myself and so I did...
MAC|Turquatic 50ml $49.50
The notes within this fragrance are; Anemone, Lotus, Orris, & Corsican Blue Cedar.  It is very fresh and sensual and for me a little a couple spritz goes a long way, but I douse myslef in it anyway, loll
I prefer this scent in the Spring/Summer just because it has that fresh, floral scent to it, but I do sometimes use it other seasons were I find that I'm feel like wearing it.
MAC re-promoted this scent after having discontinuing the old packaging and revamping the bottle to be more ocean, coral reef kind of feel to it, very fitting I might add.  They also add a roller ball and this larger size bottle.
If you haven't smelled MAC Turquatic, you must, especially if you are a MAC lover as I am you already have been smelling in when browsing around the MAC stores.  I hear its their  bestseller and signature scent.