Monday, December 26, 2011

Review | Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

We all know the rage in Asia has got to be the BB creams (Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm) and its has been touted all over by Asian celebs. It was just about a year and half ago when I've been hearing so much about these BB Creams and how it provides so much benefits such as; primer, corrector, foundation, moisture, healing, anti-aging, skin lightening, and sun protection. Now that's a lot of claims for one product, but each BB creams out there are not similar to one another and some of them don't claim everything that I had just listed.
The one BB cream I was interested in was Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream it was one of many available BB creams at the time that had a good range in shade color choices because Asian BB creams usually had limited color selection and were relatively light in color. Some BB Creams even claim that even though they are light in color, they actually blend and adapt to your color once set in or over time while wearing it. I for someone who has median to tan skin tone is quite a problem because I wanted to try these out so badly, but I wanted something that matches my skin color better.
I've seen reviews on blogs and on YouTube about these products that were quite mixed, but it seemed like it was optimistic enough for me to try it out.
Luckily, this product is available online and Missha has their own website that is for US residents. They had a sale going on and I believe it was 40% off selected beauty products and their Perfect Cover BB Cream was listed to be included in their sale. I was contemplating which had to get, ether; No. 27 - Honey Beige or No. 31 - Golden Beige. I picked up both of them and was surprised that by getting both of them I was eligible of a free gift and got a full sized BB Cream in No. 23 - Natural Beige.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - $20.99 - $29.99
I like that the 50ml comes with a pump which is great to control how much you want dispensed and its sanitary.
Now here are the swatches from each BB cream and you can see how different in color and tone they are.
From left to right:
No. 23 - Natural Beige | Lighter of the other two with grey under tones which is typical of Asian BB creams because a lot of them had grey tones within them and like I said earlier that they should adapt to your skin after a few minutes of applying it on.
No. 27 - Honey Beige | Yellower in tone than the other two and this is the one that matches perfectly for me.
No. 31 - Golden Beige | A mix between red and yellow in tone and its the darkest shade Missha provides its great for tan skins, but not dark enough for those darker skins.

I really like this BB cream a lot because it matched my skin really well when I applied it on my face and when I had on my powder, bronzer, blush it looked flawless and not cakey.  It did not make me overly oily even though I have oily skin, I find that it made me look natural in finish and wear throughout the day.  The coverage is one of the best and I would consider this more like a medium coverage foundation.  The claims of anti-aging or lightening of the skin is up in the air because I can't see any drastic changes in the look and feel of my skin, but I believe the factor of it having claims of that is because of the high SPF in it, which is SPF42 PA+++.  Sun protection is important for preventing skin aging and with high SPF it will not cause you to get darker in complexion when in the sun meaning you retain your color.  It does have oils in it, but good oils such as; rose seed oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil.  Other interesting ingredients would be; collagen, caviar extract, algae extract, rosemary leaf extract, matricaria flower extract.  Looks like good ingredients, but does it really do great things for the skin?  Maybe, condition/moisturize the skin?  who knows, but the fact that it works well and its a great replacement for an everyday tinted moisturizer or foundation good in my books.  :)


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