Monday, May 12, 2014

HAUL | Maleficent for MAC

MAC released a collection to coincide with the Disney 'Maleficent' film that came out in May 30, 2014.  When MAC teased about the collection, a lot of people became excited for it, as I was.  I truly believed this collection would have been really big with colors that really represent Maleficent and the film.  When the press photos was released I felt very disappointed with the range of the collection.  Which really made it easier on my decision to pick what I wanted, but also save me a lot of money by not making me go overboard.  This is why I only purchased two things that are the only stand out products and one of them was only for the packaging.


Lipstick: "True Loves Kiss" (Amplified)

Beauty Powder: "Natural"

The two items that I bought were the only stand out products which I find to be the best pieces from the collection.  I knew the lipstick was going to be a big hit and it was because it sold out very quickly online.  The lipstick is an amplified finish which goes on smoothly and opaque and it has fine glitters what you don't feel on your lips at all, but adds that extra gleam to the lips on.  The beauty powder was the product I only got for the packaging because it had the Maleficent insignia on it, its not extravagant, but its really nice.  Hopefully, a lot of you got the lipstick because that was the best part of the collection.

If you wanted to know, I wished that offered more eyeshadows than just an eyeshadow quad.  Colors like green, purple, more greys.  I hoped for more lipsticks colors, but that wasn't the case.  It was a small collection that wasn't worth the hype, but at least the got the red lipstick right.


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